PotL◑◑k Clams – A Must Try!

A few years ago, I died and went to food heaven!  At the time, I was eating something similar to this…  I was in such a state of ecstasy afterwards that I floated home.  Some weeks later, I decided I would try to recreate this fabulous dish but struggled to remember it exactly.  So as per usual, I just threw some stuff together and it totally worked!  This dish is divine and I implore you to try it!

What You Need

Clams (Almejas)

Raw King Prawns (Gambon Crudo)

Loads of Garlic – peeled and crushed

Jamón Serrano/Ibérico (Spanish Ham) – finely chopped

Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley – finely chopped

Olive Oil


Large Frying pan

How You Do It

Depending on where you got your clams, you may need to set them to soak so as to remove any sand they may be housing.  Make sure to bin any that are cracked or open.  Whether you soak them or not, rinse and drain before use.

Shell the prawns and give them a rinse.

Put plenty olive oil and a good-sized knob of butter (equal amounts of each, more or less) into your frying pan along with the garlic and heat to a moderate/high temperature.  Let the garlic bubble away for a minute or two so as the flavour goes into the oil/butter mix.



Add the jamón and cook for another minute before adding the parsley and clams.

Move the clams around the pan, allowing them space to open and for the sumptuous sauce to get right inside them.





As the clams start to open, chuck in the prawns and mix it all together.

It’s ready once the clams are open and the prawns have all changed colour.  (Some clams may not open and you must not eat them)

As with the Gambas Pil Pil, serve with plenty crusty baguette.  You’ll want to mop up all that sauce, trust me!


3 thoughts on “PotL◑◑k Clams – A Must Try!

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