Tortilla Española – ¡Riquísima!

Tortilla Española; A Spanish classic, a great way to use leftover boiled spuds/chips, easy to make, tasty, versatile, perfect for tapas/lunch/accompaniment to a meal and one of my faves!

What You Need

Potatoes – peeled and diced into equal sized small cubes

Eggs – normally about 6, beaten in a large bowl

Onion – sliced (optional)

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to season

GOOD Non – Stick Frying pan (size depends on how big a tortilla you want)

How You Do It

Heat some olive oil in your frying pan on a moderate heat.  The oil should be about a centimetre deep so as the potatoes and onions get shallow fried.  Fry the potatoes and onion until they are soft but not falling apart.  You will need to do this in batches, covering the pan with just one layer of potatoes and onion at a time.  Have a plate with some kitchen roll to hand on which you can put the cooked potatoes and onion to drain and cool.
(If you are using leftover chip/boiled potatoes, you can skip this step for the potatoes (just dice them) and just fry the onion if you are using it, before moving to the next step).


Once all the potatoes and onion are cooked and cooled, tip them into the bowl containing the beaten eggs, season and stir it all together.  Drain off the excess oil from the frying pan and keep it to one side then return the pan to the moderate heat. 



Pour in the potato/onion/egg mix, spreading it out evenly and leave it to cook for a few minutes until there is a skin on the top/not a lot of liquid.





Place a plate big enough to cover the pan over the tortilla.  Holding the plate firmly in place, flip the pan quickly, thus transferring the tortilla to the plate.  (I recommend protecting your hands/arms for this part, just in case any hot egg/oil escapes).  Pour a little of the excess oil into the pan and bring the heat back up to moderate. 




Then, gently slide the tortilla from the plate to the pan so as it can cook on the other side.






After a couple of minutes, employ the plate method again and remove the tortilla from the pan.  Slice and serve it hot or cold!

¡Buen Provecho!




NB: You can add many other ingredients to a Tortilla Española; ham, tuna, peppers, chorizo are just some suggestions.  Be creative and see what you have in your kitchen!


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